Uma mini camera sem igual…funciona até debaixo dágua!

Mini câmera da Thanko com 6 cm a prova d’água, até 19 metros, grava duas horas de vídeo sem som, resolução de 320 x 240, armazenados em 2Gb de memória interna.

Especificações técnicas (em inglês):

Underwater video camera USB
OS Supported OS Windows XP / Vista / 98 / Me / 2000 Windows XP / Vista / 98 / Me / 2000
Power Charging by USB bus power
Interface USB1.1 USB1.1
Batteries 260mA
Totalrecording time about 6-25 hours recording time varies depending on the shooting environment.
Maximum recording time About 2 to 3 hours ( when fully charged)

Battery charge time About 2 hours

Resolution file format 320 x 240 3gp
Video: 320 x 240 pixels (.3 gp format) You can not record voice

Picture frames 25fps 25fps
Shooting distance 50 m About 50cm ~ Infinity (Pan Focus)
Memory capacity 2GB
Accessories USB
Japanese Body Treatment Manual USB cable band

Note is not a built-in microphone, you can not record sound.
1 One year from date of purchase

Ultra-compact camera weighs only 22g is available in the water!
■ USB underwater video camera ■ ■
Such as scuba diving, water sports available in the water when at sea in a small video camera is waterproof to 20m. To be attached to the goggles, not to interfere with one’s hands without any trouble!

Taking the start button and power button to operate underwater 2 RAKURAKU so.

Also 22g lighter, ride a bike while shooting a scene for a small helmet-mounted, it might be interesting as I try to take over the economy mounted on the radio control helicopter!

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