Loucos saltando…de telhado para telhado! roof to roof jump!

Uma aventura maluca na segunda maior cidade russa – São Petesburgo. Dois saltos de um prédio para outro, do nono andar para o quinto andar do outro sem qualquer cabo ou equipamento de segurança.Uma loucura conforme fotos( 2º salto) e video(1º salto).
A distância entre os telhados de 11 metros de altura (entre um e outro)e 7 metros
de distância entre uma laje e outra…
A inspiração para o quase-suícidio segundo os dois malucos é o Le Parkour – esporte originado na França e que tem saltos similares de telhado para telhado.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

A crazy thing, a jump from one building to another. A leap from nine story building to a five story one without any breakfall. The distance between two roofs was 11 high (~35 feet) and just 7 meters (~22 feet) long, though it’s kinda spooky to talk like that about 20 feet length of a space.
Just try to imagine how does it feel to stand at the edge of a roof staring first at the other roof and then again at the ground, in and out, in and out. After all you are eventually fixing it up, getting a few steps off… Getting run and the same thought rattling in your head all the time – the main thing is not to catch the roof edge up. And the second later you are flying already and comfy mats waiting for you at the other roof along with your friends. Well, nothing venture, nothing have.
As you can see by photos, the second jump was also a success. They say that the two guys were inspired by the similar roof-to-roof jump of traceur sport founder in Paris.

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