Photoshop em 1955 ? não…montagem de fotos… (texto em ingles)/ text in english

Como faziam fotos incíveis sem usar photoshop antigamente (década de 1950)
fonte : revista Mecânica Popular de 1955

Source: Popular Mechanics ( More articles from this issue )
Issue: Sep, 1955

This stuff was a bit harder before photoshop.
The basic print on which the cut is later pasted is made first. See step 1 on the opposite page, and photo B above. This should be a sharp print with good middle tones. Use a ruler on this print to determine the exact size of the cutout needed. Next place the cutout negative, step 2, and photo A, in the enlarger and adjust the size of the cutout image to suit. The print should be made on single-weight glossy paper. Using an old magazine as a cutting board, cut carefully along the outline of the subject, step 3. Slant the knife away from the subject so that blade undercuts the edge.
Como fazer
The basic print is now placed on the cardboard, the cutout is arranged in place, and the sheet of glass is clamped over the combination, as in step 4. The last step, 5, is to photograph the composite picture. Two lights (house lamps of 150 watts will do) in reflectors are used, one on each side of the camera. The composite is propped up against a solid support, and a check should be made to see that the glass is not reflecting the light. The camera height is adjusted until the lens is 2 or 3 in. above the center of the picture, and then tilted slightly downward until the picture is centered on the ground glass. With a lens opening of f:8, use an exposure of 1/25 sec. if the camera is 2 ft. from the subject; 1/10 sec. at 3 ft.; or 1/5 sec. at 4 ft. On cameras having no focus control, use an inexpensive portrait lens. * * *
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Uma lâmpada ligada desde 1901…Centenária! (a famous lamp )


A cidade de Livermore,Califórnia , tem uma lâmpada que funciona há 108 anos sem queimar!Ela é a mais antiga lâmpada que se tem conhecimento.
Pela pesquisa e registros ela ficou desligada somente uma semana durante uma reforma na estação dos bombeiros em 1937.
Hoje em dia é tão famosa que possui uma Live Cam que mostra a lâmpada ao vivo para o mundo todo através da internet.
Abaixo fotos e o endereço da web cam direto da estação de bombeiros.