brazilian bamboo bicycles /bicicletas de bambu do Brasil

Flavio Deslandes é um  brasileiro, designer industrial  que reside na Dinamarca e é conhecido por seu trabalho com bambu , principalmente as bicicletas de bambu .

 Deslandes começou sua investigação científica com a tecnologia de bambu na Universidade PUC-Rio entre 1994-1999 onde participou de projetos sobre o desenvolvimento de ferramentas para trabalhar com bambu – compósitos, estruturas , auxiliares e aparelhos para deficientes, tais como  os caminhantes ou

 Em 1995, ele começou a desenvolver a sua primeira bicicleta de bambu, e o primeiro protótipo foi apresentado no 5 International World Bamboo Congresso em 1998. 
 Depois de se mudar para a Dinamarca no ano de 2000, Deslandes lançou-se num desafio: os quadros feitos com tubos de bambu que ele chamou Bambucicletas.  Além de ser audacioso em sua construção e design, os Bambucicletas, aplica técnicas de construção modernas . Ele também fez uso do bambu para outras partes, como o garfo e pára-lamas .

 Brazilian designer manufactures bamboo bikes

Starting this month, 4,600 public school students of São Paulo, with ages between 12 and 14 years, will start to go to school by bike. The vehicles will be distributed by the Municipal Department of Education, who will also train students to ride safely. The initiative is part of the Schools Project Bike, which draws attention by … the vanguard, but also the raw material of bikes: bamboo.

Calls bambucicletas are a creation of designer Flavio Deslandes Rio, 39, living in Denmark for 12. A graduate in Industrial Design at PUC-Rio, he began researching in 1994 the production of bamboo-based equipment such as walkers for people with special needs. His motivation has always been associated with modern design with natural materials. From the beginning, I realized that bamboo a structure made tube-shaped by nature – had tremendous potential. “The material is 17% stronger than steel when stressed in the longitudinal direction (as in bike frames) and has the lightness of aluminum (no environmental damage for their manufacture). By being flexible, resists shake and lasts longer. Santos Dumont used bamboo to build the first models of its aircraft. Then I thought: I can make a bike.

The first prototype was presented as final graduation project in 1999 and patented in 2005. The pieces are glued together using a resin plant. Besides the aerodynamic efficiency, the designer sees other advantages in the material. The first is environmental: in addition to abundant, does not require fertilizers in cultivation, and still emits oxygen while growing. The second is social, since bamboo employs more than two billion people around the world.

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Bicicleta de bambu (also in english) bamboo bike

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Bicicleta com o quadro em bambu, criado pela empresa Biomega da Dinamarca.Começara a ser vendida no próximo mês na Europa.Mais detalhes no site da empresa ou enviando e-mail diretamente.
Ross Lovegrove created this lovely high-end bamboo bicycle for Danish bike/design firm Biomega, and it will be available for purchase next month. if you’d like details on the bike, Martin says you can email the company directly.