Uma cama que flutua! This bed floats!

Esqueça a cama d’agua!
A cama que flutua esta chegando…
Poderosos imãs é o segredo da invenção.

Um dos pólos fica na base de madeira o oposto é fixado na cama…Os cabos mantém a cama no centro e dizem que a sensação é de estar flutuando no ar…
A levitating magnetic bed. Yes, ladies and gents, this bed floats. The bed actually consists of two seperate and necessary parts, much like a regular boxspring and mattress combo. First, you’ve got your base (the large part there, you know, the one that looks like it could be the base of something), which provides the housing for very specifically and securely placed neodymium magnets. For those of you who are unfamiliar, neodymium magnets are totally insane. The second part, the effective mattress, is basically just a smaller slab of wood — comfy! — with similarly placed magnets intended to repel those in the base. Tie it down to keep it from flying away and there you have it, floating bed. The completed bed can float an impressive 250 pounds, making it suitable for floating your average sleeper.

(reddit via Hack a Day)