Tour de France -2014 It’s time !

Abaixo animação explicando o Tour de France (em inglês):
Below an animated history and explanation of all you need to know about the Tour de France.

 Contém : Introduction 00:00 Early History – 00:30 Tourist Routiers 01:30 Post 1930s Tours 01:50 Modern Tours 02:37 Race Format 02:55 The Yellow Jersey 03:35 Other Jerseys 04:14 The Peloton 05:00 Peloton Tactics 05:18 Team Strategy 05:42 Les Domestiques 06:47 Cracking 07:12 Cyclist Fitness 07:58 Hazards 08:52 Vive le Tour 9:58 Credits/Video info 10:08


The history of Brazil in the Indy 500 – Link para o blog Norte americano.

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na Fórmula Indy –  100 anos de corridas!
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The history of Brazil in the Indy 500