Moto à prova de chuva!All weather two wheeler

Chamada de Crossbow, esta motocicleta (elétrica) é a primeira para todo tipo de clima ou
estação.Criada pelo industrial e designer Phil Pauley,a Crossbow trás a segurança e
o conforto do motociclista para outro nível. Para preservar o piloto dos rigores do
clima em qualquer condição, a moto vem com uma carenagem que cobre totalmente

a mesma e protege de chuva,neve e mesmo do sol e permite o piloto focar na estrada

à frente sem distrações ou desconforto.
Em baixas velocidades o design único ajuda o piloto a manter estabilidade e controle
total sobre o veículo por permitir uma ótima posição ergonômica dos pés no chassis
da moto.Fica a dúvida se a legislação de nosso país permite rodar sem utilizar o capa-

cete nas ruas e estradas de nosso país.
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Crossbow Motorbike is the world’s first true all weather two wheeler.Created by industrial designer Phil Pauley, the Crossbow takes the safety and comfort of motorcyclists to another level. To shield the rider from the elements during all kinds of weather conditions, the motorbike comes with a canopy cover that extends overhead and provides shelter from rain, snow and even the sun and allows the rider to focus on the road ahead without being distracted or discomforted.
The extreme all-weather vehicle still offers riders all the thrill of a two-wheeler and even maximizes the bike’s aerodynamics by allowing it to cut through the air more smoothly during high speed engagements.

At low speeds, the unique design helps the rider maintain stability and full control over the vehicle by allowing them to comfortably place their feet in an optimum ergonomic position. The beautifully styled automatic canopy adds to the rugged appeal of the all-weather bike and makes it perfect for urban environments, leisurely weekend drives through the countryside as well as the racetrack.

Complete with a windscreen wiper as well as a heating element, the basic comforts of a roof add to the thrill of motorbike riding and the white knuckle ride ushers in a new breed of electric motorcycles that are masculine and stylish and stand out from the crowd. With the retractable canopy protecting you from all sides, you can also drive without helmet at low speeds and your dates will appreciate not being asked to suffer the horrors of helmet hair.