Telefone celular em 1958 ! ( Cell phone in 1958 ! in english also)

Um artigo de jornal da Antiga União Soviética, datado de 1958 relata o descobrimento por um jovem engenheiro do primeiro telefone sem fio que funcionava através de ondas eletromagnéticas.Tinha o tamanho aproximado de duas caixas de cigarros e pesava 500 g (com a

bateria)e a idéia era permitir a utilização por empresas e cidadãos comuns, o que politicamente naquela época o sistema comunista não permitiu de maneira nenhuma. Cidadãos daquele país só

passaram a utilizar os celulares após a queda do regime , aproximadamente 20 anos atrás.

This is and excerpt from the article of Russian newspaper back from 1958. It tells that:
“Young Soviet engineer has assembled a wireless phone that can be connected to the city phone line via ‘electro-magnetic’ waves. The new model of his phone has a size not more than two cigarette boxes and weights 500g (together with the battery), thanks to this the device can be widely used not only for organizations but also for the personal use. Using this pocket radio phone anyone can call landline number from wherever he is and also he can be called by any landline user.”
It sounds bit naive these days, but if back in 1958 it could be really innovative and advanced, especially for a Soviet Russian citizen who was not got used to a gadget abundance.
Russian authorities didn’t let this happen, the device was not in mass production, and was not available for general public, probably for security and censorship reasons states had in mind, so Russian people had a chance to get the personal mobile phone only after Soviet Union collapsed – just 20 years ago