Alguns oasis pelo mundo…( texto em inglês)

This wonderful desert lake is set within Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Maranhao, Brasil. It forms part of a system of fresh water lagoons which fill up with rainwater during the first six months of the year and then gradually evaporate over time to be topped up again the following year. Some of the lakes within the park are dotted with palm trees. This lonely lake, however, has one solitary dry branch decorating its banks.

Huacachina is a small oasis town in the Ica region of southwest Peru. This oasis, named ‘Oasis of Americas’, is a popular resort with local families and tourists. A legend says the lagoon was created when an inquisitive young hunter disturbed a beautiful princess bathing. She fled, leaving the pool of water behind which became the lagoon.

Ubari Lakes are part of Erg Awbari Oasis in the Sahara. Located near Fezzan and 30kms north of Germa in Libya, these salt water lakes are a central trading point for many locals, who gather at the edges of the lake selling souvenirs and other goods.

The beautiful oasis of Chebika in Tunisia is probably one that most people know about without realizing it. It is where Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was filmed. The story goes that the oasis was actually named after one of the characters, Chewbacca.

This oasis is hidden in the depths of the Oman desert, where a number of green oases dot the landscape. A few oases in the tiny Sultanate, on the corner of the Arabian Peninsula, are hotspots for botanical studies into agro-biodiversity where many of the ancient oasis are in rapid decline; researchers want to figure out why.

Nahal David is a quiet oasis found near Bethlehem, Israel’s Palestinian West Bank. It’s certainly a far cry from the war-torn images often associated with that part of the world.

-Terra -Earth-

Olhe bem, preste atenção:é o único lugar para você, para mim, para todos nós em bilhões, talvez trilhões ou mais de quilômetros…cada pequenina ação de ajuda ao planeta, reflete positivamente em algum ponto da biosfera.Somos bilhões de seres humanos e se cada um apagar uma lâmpada, consumir menos água, deixar em casa o carro por um dia, plantar uma árvore,etc… os reflexos positivos aparecerão.

Hoje a natureza começa a ver o ser humano como uma ameaça, devido a destruição que vem causando. As consequências deste comportamento já estamos sentindo.Vamos mudar?vamos ensinar as próximas gerações? faça algo, por você,for mim, pela humanidade.

Give a look at this photo, pay attention: it’s the only place for you, for me, for us in billions, perhaps trillions of miles or more … every little action to aid the planet, reflects positively somewhere in the biosfera.We are billions and each lamp we turn off, if we consume less water, leave the car at home for a day, plant a tree, etc … the positive reflections will appear. Today, nature is beginning to see human beings as a threat. The consequences we are seeing at the news .Let´s change?Can we teach the next generations? Do something for you,for me ,for all human beings. (and sorry about my english…)