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Árvores mortas são pintadas e revitalizadas.

Curtis Killorn pinta árvores mortas e “revitaliza” com cores o que antes era apenas uma carcaça destinada
a  apodrecer…alguns aprovam outros acham que a natureza deveria ficar como esta…

When trees die, we tend think they’ve past their prime and lost all their beauty. Curtis Killorn sees things a bit differently. The Colorado-based artist breathes new life into dead trees by painting them with bright, psychedelic colors.

“Nature is already so beautiful, and full of such depth and grace… and it is NOT my intention to mask or enhance it in any way,” says Killorn. “Much in the way that we paint each other’s skin out in the desert, the intention is to bring out the beauty which is already there.

“The trees that I paint are long dead and weathered by hundreds of years. What I do is bring ‘life’ back to the tree in a completely new way. This tree which was once dead is now vibrantly alive to be noticed by all, no longer blending in with all the other dead trees.”